General Information


Do I need to set up an account before I can order online?
No. When placing your first order, you will be prompted to enter your contact, shipping, and payment information, automatically an account will be set up for you. To facilitate future purchases, check the Remember Me box during the "Payment" segment of your checkout process. It will save your information for faster checkout in the future.

Orders can be placed immediately for COD (Check On Delivery) credit card, Pay Pal and other online payment forms. If you want to apply for net or credit terms see our Net terms policy and requirements.

How can I pay with Venmo?

Paying with Venmo works on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) when you have the Venmo app installed, you're logged into it, AND you have enabled mobile web purchases. To enable mobile web purchases, be sure to go to your Venmo settings and turn this one on:


Can I get less than a case?
You can order less than a case. Consider ordering a full case, if your pack order is close to the full case quantity. Prices are less expensive per case. For example, ordering 5 packs when the full case is 6 packs.

What if a product is not available or listed as Pre-Order?

You will receive a partial order and/or will be contacted for order status.
We are  growing with the demand of our clients. We carry in stock the most frequently ordered products for 2-3 days delivery. Products not in our warehouse  they take 7-10 business days for delivery.
You will not be charged for Pre-Orders. You will be notified as soon as inventory arrives and we get your order ready to ship.
In addition or as an alternative, contact us to request the products that you need.   or (714) 756-2006 x 3

Are products available at CIELO Hub for pick up?
Products are available for purchase and pick up at our location in Huntington Beach. Choose CIELO Pick-up Huntington Beach in "Shipping" during your check out process. Highly recommended for orders under $40.



How does your pricing compare to other non-compostable alternatives?
We have done a price check comparison with with a well known wholesaler that carry the same type of products. On average we are 10% higher on packs and 5% on cases.

Because CIELO Hub is the social enterprise of CIELO, a non-profit organization, you can claim the difference as a tax deduction. For example,  if your annual purchases for food services packaging is $1000.00 and purchasing from CIELO you pay $1200.  You can get a donation receipt for the difference or $200.00 in this case. 
As volume increases, we plan to pass on the discounts to you.

How does your pricing compare to non-compostable alternatives like plastics and Styrofoam?

Our prices are comparable to prices for high-quality plastics and paper.

Are discounts available?

Discounts are available based on quantity, please contact us to review your needs.  or (714) 756-2006 x 3



Do you do custom printing?
Yes. Contact us for more information  or (714) 756-2006 x3. Keep in mind that custom printing requires minimum production quantities and lead times.